Thacker Agency provides short term health insurance, temporary health plans & quote affordable COBRA alternative option rates.

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Q Can you afford to go without Short Term Temporary Health Insurance?

A Thacker Agency provides short term health insurance, temporary medical health plans & quote affordable COBRA alternative option rates and coverage.

Thacker Agency provides short term health insurance, temporary health plans & quote affordable COBRA alternative option rates and coverageThe Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as "Obamacare", has changed the way everyone views their health care. Different people have different needs and we all have questions about which policy will meet them. Short term health insurance plans are more affordable than most of the other options because they do not fall under the guidelines of the ACA. These are full medical care programs. The departments of insurance in each state must approve these plans before they are offered to the residents. This is why these programs are not offered in every state. If the government does not approve the benefits and rates for your state, then the company does not offer the plans in your state. Most states do offer these options and you will know that you are in an approved location if you are able to obtain a free quote for you and your family instantly with the links provided on this page. However if you live in a state where you can purchase this policy and then travel to a state that does not allow its residents to purchase this policy, you are still covered for emergencies under this type of health benefit. Select one of the buttons below for free easy instant quotes on options for you and your family.

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The temporary policies are not required to include many of the expensive benefits that some people might not need. They offer comprehensive coverage for new injuries or illnesses at a much lower rate than alternative medical programs. The temporary policy will not cover pre-existing conditions. Applicants may be turned down for coverage based on a short questionnaire about your history of medicine. These programs do require that applicants complete a simple application process that determines their eligibility based on health conditions. These programs do not cover preventive care of any kind. They do not offer co payments for doctor visits. While they do not cover prescription drugs, we do have a link to discount prescription drug options while you are on the temporary policy. You can still pay out of pocket for all of these things, you just won't file a claim for them.

This option for affordable medical policies is designed for people who need coverage for just a short period of time. If you are between jobs or just want peace of mind for a few months with affordable real insurance, this could be an option that will save your budget. These policies are available for as little as one month duration or as long as 11 months. You could pay for your coverage monthly and save a lot of money over what you are offered in the ACA exchanges or COBRA or other types of options. Or you may pay in a single lump sum payment for the duration of the plan and save a lot more money while covering you in the event of an emergency such as a hospital stay or surgery.

Thacker Agency provides short term health insurance, temporary health plans & quote affordable COBRA alternative option rates.Everything is covered under temporary medical plans based on the deductible that you choose. It is more like a traditional plan that you can pick and choose the amount of benefits based on your budget. Most of us never want to or expect to use this insurance. If you do need your insurance that means that you are either sick or injured. If you are pro-active with your health needs then you won't really need the comprehensive benefits required by the Obamacare legislation. People who eat healthy and exercise regularly don't generally go to the doctor very often. If you don't go to the doctor much due to a healthy lifestyle you are wasting money on benefits that you won't ever need or use. Many people just want comprehensive catastrophic health care that will cover them in the event of a costly hospital bill. Doctors visits can often cost just a few hundred dollars if you paid for them out of your pocket. The real need is if you need some life saving surgery or treatment that could run into the 10s of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those expenses are what these policies are designed to cover.

If you travel internationally we do have coverage outside of the country. These policies are much more affordable than the domestic ones. You can get the benefits for less than one month if you only have a trip for a week or two outside of the country. Medicare does not cover costs incurred outside of the United States. We have the most affordable plans on the market that are provided by Lloyds of London. Click on the link or call us if you are travelling outside of the country for an extended period of time. These programs work for people travelling to the United States from outside of the country too. We can have your trip covered for as little as $20 for a week. They include emergency evacuation due to weather or war, lost luggage allowance, return to home country for emergency, repatriation of remains for your loved ones in the unlikely event of a tragedy. These programs were designed initially for missionaries going overseas to places that domestic policies did not reach. When you are a long way from your home country and get sick or hurt, you want a quality plan designed to take the worry away concerning how you are going to pay for the services you need.

These temporary medical options are for people wanting peace of mind. They are approved by each government institution in the states that they are offered. If they are not approved, they are not offered. I am a licensed agent by the departments of insurance in each state as well. I follow the guidelines set forth by the state governments to be allowed to offer these products to you. I've been selling to individuals and families since the mid-1990's. I started selling by learning from my father who has been meeting the needs of his clients since the early 1970's. When the internet became available, I put the knowledge I gained from meeting with people face-to-face in their homes onto the internet. Over time this website and the ability to purchase coverage over the internet has become increasingly simple and popular. In just a few minutes we can give you a quote for a variety of options. A few moments after that if you choose one of our plans that is right for you, we will submit an application and have your cards immediately sent to your email address for you to print out and use. This policy can be available as early as midnight of the night that we complete your application. It takes less than 5 minutes. We designed this website to be convenient and easy for people who need our products. It should be easy enough for you to complete the process without even speaking with us in our agency. But if you need to speak with us then please give us a call at 866-373-4948. Or email us at [email protected] . We are not just a website, we are a solution to your problems. If you have any questions please let us know. Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you meet your needs.

Thacker Agency provides short term health insurance, temporary health plans & quote affordable COBRA alternative option rates and coverage  

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Thacker Agency provides short term health insurance, temporary health plans & quote affordable COBRA alternative option rates and coverage

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