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Thacker Agency has 30 years of experience in serving people with thier insurance needs. Brian Thacker handles Short Term Health Insurance Plans for Thacker Agency. Brian Thacker was born and raised in North Carolina. When he graduated from Wake Forest University in 1994, Brian went into the insurance business with his father (C Mac Thacker), and his brother (Mark Thacker). Brian is independently running his own portion of the Thacker Agency now, but he is carrying on the tradition of service to the client that Mac taught him. Although Mac is working less now, Brian still relies on him to impart the wisdom that only 30 years in the business could teach you. Brian and his staff at The Thacker Agency waits patiently to serve your needs.

Our mission is to help people who dont have the capital to go for higher end insurance plans, by providing them with Short Term Health Insurance Plans which are much cheaper and affordable by common people.

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