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Assurant health has been offering short term health insurance plans for decades. They essentially invented the product to meet the needs of people who did not need an insurance plan for an extended period of time. They simplified the application process. Instead of taking weeks up to several months to gain the coverage, their short term medical insurance plans could meet the needs of their clients with just a few short questions. Insurance is available right away with coverage starting as early as midnight. These plans cost less than medical plans with extra benefits like copayments for prescription drugs and doctor visits. They are full major medical plans that offer coverage for any new illness or injury. Because they are only coverage for a short duration these programs do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. These plans do not have copayments for doctor visits or prescription drugs. However doctor visits and prescription drugs are covered subject to a deductible and co-insurance.

This is one of the only short term medical plans that offers coverage for prescription drugs. Assurant health also uses a nationwide network of doctors. You don't have to go to specific doctors and hospitals. You are covered anywhere you go. However with Assurant Health, you can get a discount if you go to doctors that are in their large network. This is a positive that other short term insurance plans don't offer. Rates will vary from state to state. But Assurant health offers some of the best customer service of any of the companies. While most insurance companies are interested in getting large businesses and employers, Assurant Health has focused a large part of it's business on the individual and family medical insurance plan. Their process of getting insurance is as easy as any insurance company. Getting information, quotes, and applying usually takes less than 5 minutes from beginning to end. You can spend as much time as you like researching the benefits. But if you need coverage to start right away, you can have your cards sent by email as soon as you finish the process. Coverage can start as early as midnight. Your coverage can be as short as one month or as long as 11 months. Different states will have different rules. Get a quote from Assurant and get your coverage started today!

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