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When I woke up in the hospital, the first thing they asked was who my health insurance carrier was.  As I got my consciousness back, they began explaining about the car accident that destroyed my car.  The last thing I remembered I was on my way to church.  The nurse told me I had been in the hospital for three days and had broken my collar bone and my leg.  It was going to take several months before I would completely heal.  They had enough medicine in me so that I did not feel any pain.

Then I started thinking about her original question concerning health insurance.  I just got a great job that was going to start providing medical health insurance benefits, but they told me that I could not get the coverage for 90 days.  There was a 90 day waiting period before my coverage would begin.  All my life I had been covered on my parents' insurance until graduation.  Since I was young and healthy, I did not get medical insurance on myself.  The human resources officer at my new job recommended that I spend a couple hundred dollars on a temporary health insurance plan until coverage started with work.  I searched online at and found several options but never bought anything.

'How much is my hospital bill?' I asked.

The nurse said, 'I don't know exactly, but you went to the emergency room and surgery which would be close to $50,000 by now.  But insurance will cover everything.  Who is your carrier?'

I did not want to tell her, but the blood pressure monitor that was hooked to me answered the question for me.  My car insurance would not cover it because I only had basic liability auto insurance on my 10 year old car.  I had never been in an accident before, but had a few speeding tickets so the rates were high.

Why didn't I get short term health insurance coverage?  What I wouldn't give to go back in time and trade $200 in medical health insurance premium for $50,000 worth of health care.  Now bankruptcy is my only option.  I am finally better and have recovered completely from my wounds.  But I have become a statistic in bankruptcy now.  Fifty percent of all bankruptcies occur from an uninsured medical emergency.

I won't ever go without insurance again.  I hope that if you read this story and you are uninsured it serves as a warning about what could happen.  There are affordable plans that protect from catastrophic emergencies like this one.  Please protect yourself.  Get a quote and apply online today in minutes.  Many plans are close to $50/month depending on your age.  I am happy and lucky to still be alive after my car accident.  But it will take the rest of my life to heal my credit history that will always have a bankruptcy which could have been avoided.

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If you are graduating from high school or college, congratulations!
Graduation is an accomplishment that you will have for the rest of your life. One thing that is certain about this time of your life is that your life will change from this moment forward.

One typical change for our graduates is the status of their health and medical insurance coverage. Usually students are covered under their parents'  policy until graduation. Once they are no longer a full time student, the coverage ends without the graduate being notified. Hopefully graduates will have a job lined up that provides health benefits along with a stable paycheck. Many will not have that opportunity and will be forced to either risk going without coverage, or pay for high priced permanent health insurance.

A growing trend among graduates is for them to purchase temporary health insurance. Temporary, or short-term health insurance, is full major medical coverage for a fraction of the cost of permanent insurance. Although it  costs less and has fewer benefits than plans with co-payments, short-term health insurance offers the peace of mind that comes in knowing that if a health crisis occurs, policyholders can get the medical treatment that they need without having to mortgage their future.

Applying for quality coverage is easy at sites like this one [Short Term Insurance]. Coverage can start immediately, and you can apply directly online and pay by credit card. If you have questions, any health insurance agent will be able to explain  which plan would be the best for your situation. Some people only need coverage  for a single month, some for more than a year, and some graduates do not know how long they will need it. There are plans designed to meet individual needs.

Don't be caught off guard or without health insurance after graduation. You don't want to find out that you don't have insurance when you are in a  doctor's office or hospital. Contact your insurance agent to make sure you have  coverage until you get a job with health insurance benefits. If you don't, seek a short-term health insurance plan to meet your needs.

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